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Eric Newman


catchup Boys…

In my career as educator and mentor, I have observed the developmental impact on hundreds of boys navigating life without guidance from Competent, Confident and Consistent adult males.

These are the Catchup Boys and I aim to instill in them the 3 C’s of competence, confidence and consistence.


Every catchup case begins with a blank page

I start by meeting your son, with minimal foreknowledge. We both start from a blank page. Much like Sherlock Holmes, I prefer to observe and go where the evidence leads.

The blank page approach, is a fresh start.

Over the years, with major input from my clients, I have developed an icebreaking questionnaire that allows insight and an initial connection. This is not a therapy session, your son “turns the tables”, interviews me and is encouraged to expand the blank page.

I believe in Competence, Consistence and Confidence. My personal experience has taught to me, that this is the path to your son becoming a solid husband, father and man.



Phone: (+1) 646 388 3180